What We Do

LDA Opinions offers numerous quantitative and qualitative research services for wine producers, wine marketers, and trade association clients.  Our research draws on our proprietary panels of wine consumers and members of the wine trade, as well as the leading national sources of consumer respondents.


Quantitative Research

We offer online surveys based on our trade or consumer panels, client databases, and respondents recruited from the leading national survey population providers.  Trade respondents can also be sourced from SevenFifty.com, and consumer respondents can be sourced from the Wine.com customer database, based on purchase histories.

Full-length and half-length consumer surveys are designed to most efficiently and effectively serve our clients.

Reporting is based on consumer or trade segmentations and analysis designed to meet survey insight objectives.


Qualitative Research

Online trade or consumer discussion groups utilize the proprietary “Vintrospectives” methodology developed by Wine Opinions.  These three-day online discussions begin with a brief online survey to provide quantitative snapshots of opinions on key issues.  The most qualified respondents are then moved into the online discussion – an interactive and moderated exchange of views on 8 – 10 discussion topics.  Reporting includes survey data, discussion analysis, and participant verbatim transcripts.

In-person consumer focus groups are conducted in all major markets and participants are recruited from the Wine Opinions panel and screened to meet learning objectives.  Moderated wine tastings may be included in focus groups.


Custom Research

Wine Opinions performs market research and reporting based on sales and trending data and analysis.  One-on-one trade interviews are offered, as well as quantitative and qualitative consumer intercept research performed in winery tasting rooms, wine shops, at wine events, and other venues.

Data mining, analysis, and reporting can be accomplished based on brand and category sales information from Wine.com or brand and product major market distribution based on data from SevenFifty.com.


More on Vintrospectives Discussion Groups

Wine Opinions has developed proprietary online discussion group methodology that offers an efficient and insights-rich alternative to traditional in-person focus groups.


Trade and consumer online discussion groups focus on client topics and learning objectives
A preliminary online survey provides quantitative “snapshots” of key issues and is the basis of selection of qualified discussion participants
Three-day moderated online discussion addresses key client topics and probes responses, yielding great depth of inquiry
Graphic images, videos, and website links may be incorporated
Client monitoring provided, as well as complete analysis and reporting, including verbatim dialogue transcripts

Discussion Group Flow Chart


Online Screening Survey


Discussion Participant Selection


Three Day Online Discussion


Analysis and Reporting